Everything you need to know about this search

Search mask

Three search masks are available:

Search register

Useful for targeted searches using protective title numbers, names or word searches in titles. The structure of the results list is predetermined.

Search publication

Useful for searches for specific publication types (granted patents or mutations in a protective title) occurring at a particular time or within a particular time period. The structure of the results list is predetermined.

Standard search

Since the introduction of the online publication of trademarks, patents, SPCs and designs in Swissreg, predefined searches can now be executed and the results lists made available to our customers. These results lists can be called up very simply, for example, by clicking on “Standard searches” under the “Trademarks” menu and then selecting the desired results list(s).

These predefined searches can be subscribed to using MyPage. In MyPage, select “Standard searches” from the menu and then choose the predefined search(es) for which you would like to regularly receive results lists per e­mail by marking the “Subscribe” box. Don’t forget to click “Save selection” when you are finished.

Please note the following points regarding standard search subscriptions:

  • When you subscribe to a standard search, you receive an e­mail containing a link to the PDF which has the results list you requested. Click on the link to open or download the PDF.
  • Depending on the search you subscribe to, the size of the PDF can be very large (> 1 MB).
  • The results lists for the predefined standard searches are available online for 13 months.

Advanced search

Allows more comprehensive and complex searches. The advanced search mode can be used to search register entries or publications. In the register mode, the columns of the results list are individually combined in the search template. In the publication mode, the structure of the results list is predetermined.
The number of results which can be displayed per page can be determined. The minimum is 5, the maximum is 250 results per page. The default is 25 results.
Individual search terms are described below.

Search and Reset buttons

  • Search: This button begins the search. When the search is finished, the results list is displayed.
  • Reset: This button resets the search mask and the results list view.

Display options for results list

Under advanced search and on the results list page you will find the following options:

Select format

Use this option to select how the results list should be displayed. The format can be modified for each results list. There are two possibilities:

  • Publication view: This option is advisable only when you want to follow the publications.
  • Register view: This option is best for most cases.
  • Columns: Only default columns are available in the publication view. In the register view, it is possible to select some of the columns.
  • Important differences between the two formats:
  • Sort by: The register view allows you to choose how to sort the results yourself; the publication view is preset and the patents are grouped first according to publication reason and then, within the grouping, according to publication date.
  • Multiple listings: The register view displays each patent exactly. The publication view displays each patent every time there is a corresponding publication.

Results per page

This option is only available in the register view. The publication view always displays all of the results corresponding to a publication reason on one page.

Display columns

The results list columns can be displayed or hidden in the register view, with the exception of the patent number and the icon linking the patent documents which are always displayed. (In the publication view all columns are preset).


The refresh button redisplays the results list after you have made view changes. It is available only for the results list screen, not the query mask.

Results list

Results lists can be displayed in either register view or publication view:

Register view for results

The register view of the results list displays the patents corresponding to the search terms. The columns and number of results per page are determined by the user. Please note that no more than 500 results will be displayed. If your search results in more than 500 citations, a simplified result list will be shown. Please note that if your search results in more than 10’000 citations, 10’000 accidental citations will be shown.


  • Column headers and sorting: The results list can be resorted by clicking on the column header. Double clicking reverses the sorting order. The columns and sorting order used for the results list are displayed in the column header with an arrow pointing up or down.
  • View details: by clicking on the patent number or on the icon, a new window opens displaying the specifics of that patent.
  • Display patent document: by clicking on the PDF symbol in the last column to the right of the results list, the patent document corresponding to a patent is displayed. The document includes a description of the invention, the patent claims, the abstract and an illustration if available.
  • Restrictions: The information in the results list offers only a rough overview of the actual status of the patents. Only a limited number of characters can be displayed in text format per results; any more are suppressed. To display the complete patent data, click on the view detail icon.


Print: Prints the current page of results being displayed.

Publication view for results list

The publication view of the results list groups and displays the results according to publication reason. The results for one reason are all shown on one page. The columns are preset. Please note that no more than 500 results will be displayed. If your search results in more than 500 citations, a simplified result list will be shown. Please note that if your search results in more than 10’000 citations, 10’000 accidental citations will be shown.

Publication view navigation

Results are grouped according to publication reason in the publication view. Each page displays all of the results for a particular publication reason. The navigation allows you to view the results for a selected publication reason.

View details

To view the details, click on the patent number of the desired patent. The detail view displays the patent specifics and is basically divided into two sections:

Further information:


The following options are available under Tasks:

  • Print : Prints the entire details view on display (current status and history).


The navigation buttons allow you to browse from the first result viewed, previous result viewed, next result or last result in the list.

Current status

This portion displays the currently valid information regarding the patent. It can be hidden or displayed by clicking on it. Clicking on History displays the history portion in the same view.


The history portion displays all of the changes in the status of the patent since it was granted. The history is chronological beginning from the date of granting.